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Jun 20th

Installing a Stroker Flywheel

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Saab used the little metal locking tab plate ring that locks all 7 bolts onto the flywheel.  Every time you remove the flywheel you must bend all the tabs down  to get a socket on the bolts.  This is an old aircraft thing that nobody uses any more that I am aware of in the auto industries.  I usually toss them but sometime just reinstall if I have a nice one. Cause it’s kinda fun :).  But really not needed.  Anyway, avoid using lock tight on the threads.   Those bolts lead directly into the rear bearing area and any surplus sealer compound will find its way into the rear bear and or the two metal sealing rings that MUST SEAL to keep lower crankcase compression in!  Here is a couple pics.
This picture shows the lock tight in the sealing area. The next photo shows the bear with lock tight in it.
Just be sure your threads are clean and torque the bolts to 22-24 foot pounds and you will be fine.   (These are grade 8 fine thread BTW). Don’t fret not having the locking plate in there. I have never ran one at Bonneville and always exceed 8,000rpms.
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