Saab Heritage Car Museum USA, the Cars

I am taking many of my own personal cars and forming a non profit corporation called SAAB HERITAGE CAR MUSEUM USA for the purpose of Education and Preserving these cars as a group for future generations to enjoy.

This is a gradual process and many of these cars need restoration or are parts cars, but a few are very special and some are in “as new” condition. Many of these cars will soon be featured on their own page, including pictures.


“To preserve the Saab automobiles for future generations to enjoy and inspire the Spirit of Saab through repair education, parts production and a library of Saab literature.”

Last updated August 2015

Model 92

1950 92 Green, the late Larry William’s car, the OLDEST SAAB in the America’s! (Driven all over USA)

1952 92  Green,(General Motors Heritage Collection GMHC)

1953 92b, Green

1955 92b, Grey


Model 94

1956 Saab Sonett 1 “Super Sport” (#2 of 6 made, GMHC)


Model 93

1957 93 split windshield, restored, (former Larry & Pete Williams car)

1958 Saab   93b Jay Leno Car & SOC09 Video

95 Models


96 Models


Quantum Models


99 Models


Model 97, SONETTS


900 Models

1981 900

1983 900 Airport Friction Tester (GMHC)

1985 900 SPG (GMHC)

1989 900, 8 vavlve, 4 door in Red color with auto trans.  This car was donated to us by Lar Anderson for his mom.  The story made the front cover of “NINES”, May/June 2014 #329.  It was the “loaf of bread deal” when his mom bought it new.

1996 900T Pikes Pike Challenge 2nd place finisher driven by Road & Track editor Larry Webster.  (GMHC)


900 Classic Models Convertible Collection (partial list)

1986 Silver x2 (1 auto & 1 stick with 99k)

1987 Red with 88k

1987 Silver with 54k

1988 900T Spring Time in Sweden, Black on Black

1991 900T SPG (SE) Yellow with 84k,  1 owner, manual

1991 900T SPG (SE) Yellow Auto

1991 900T SPG (SE) Edwardian Grey

1994 900 Anniversary Edition,  Smoke black with tan top


9000 Models Collection (Best Saab ever made IMO at the time)

1987 9000 Turbo “Long Run” #3 Car Taladega Speedway (GMHC)

1988 9000 turbo

1990 9000 CD turbo

1991 9000 Taladega Red!

1992 9000 5 doors x2

1992 9000 4 door Griffin Editions x2

1993 9000 CSE x 4 (x2 Aero)

1993 9000 CSE “CUT-AWAY-CAR” used in 1993 NY Auto Show to demonstrate the structural strength of the new 9000 body design.  Donated by Bill Jacobson of Sports Car Service.  (GMHC)

1994 9000 Aero

1996 9000 Aero & CSE

1997 9000 CSE 85k (for Sale) & Aero

1998 9000 Aero (ya I know 🙂

1998 9000 CSE White with only 29k 1 owner miles


9-3 Models

2004 9-3 Black sedan with 44k

2008 9-3 Convertible in Lynx Yellow


9-5 Models

2011 New Gen T6 XWD Sedan (sold but great car)

2011 9-5 New Gen T6 XWD Aero