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Jun 20th

Strangler Jets

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Sonett II side draft carbs.
Anyone running those??  Many do for racing applications. Keep in mind the “STRANGLER” jet after (downstream) the fuel inlet nipple.  It limits the amount of fuel the main jet will ever see.  From the factory It is a 180 strangler jet in size.  So if you are running a 180 main jet that’s all the fuel you will get. Run a 185 main and the strangler jet won’t let enough fuel in for you like you think.
Here is a picture where it goes.
It’s a little bitty sucker that’s pretty hard to change in the car.  They can be purchased (as well as most any Solex jet) very easily by Contacting Gabriele David at The orders as really fast too…taking only about 3 days. Great service and prices.
Just FYI, You can not just remove the strangler jet as it floods the engine…(but I have ran 210’s with out any issue yet and plan to jump to 220’s to meet my future fuel needs at Bonneville.
If you would like to contact Tom, send him an email using the form below: