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The Boys of the Salt Flats Video by Depth of Speed


The Worlds Fastest Indian

World’s Fastest Indian movie info!!

Burt Munro of the World’s Fastest Indian Fame

How'bout a smack shelia! Burt Munro and the "Worlds Fastest Indian"

Good looking Bloke! Watch the MOVIE!

Burt was a ladies Man! Faster, faster!

Notice the black "oil" line in the salt to give you a reference in the sea of white (stopped doing this in 2011) Hold me up Blokes and get a cracking down the line!

His car and homemade trailer where shown in the Movie Heading for a record! (And movie deal!)

Burt must have been a real character! Yep, he loves all the girls!

Come back here shelia! lader Munros Indian Aug 1962 201

18  Dick Catron's #96 Saab with Burt Munro's #35 Indian on the same sheet!





Transforming a 1968 Saab into a Bonneville Salt Racer
We started with a very rusty White 1967 Sonett II, serial #078 and added a 1968 Body and Bits to make it “Class legal”  many more photos to come!



IMG_0027 IMG_0028

Finished roll cage at Adam's Chassis

Finished roll cage at Adam’s Chassis

The following are under construction, to be debuted soon!!!

1968 rusty Sonett donor car

Making of the car

Sonett #104 used for testing Bonneville engines since the actual chassis wasn’t ready yet!


Ohio Mile Standing Run Records

2014 Ohio Mile was my 1st attempt at the standing mile record.  Armed with my 1968 Sonett two stroke and my best friend Marty Adams (of Meyer Saab fame) we were able to beat the old record of 107.0791mph.  We set a new record of 110.8921mph on a very windy day in Wilmington, Ohio.

Ohio Mile 1967 Saab Sonett Ohio Mile actual record slip Ohio Mile after race Marty

more to come………tom