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New Production Two Stroke Head Gaskets!

We now carry a complete line of Quality USA made Cometic head gaskets for the Saab two stroke engines in 750cc, 850 cc bull nose and 850cc  long nose engines. The fire ring sizes vary based on your bore size for Precision performance and perfect sealing.

These are not the cheap gaskets you see elsewhere on eBay. These are high-quality US-made head gaskets that I actually have reused at Bonneville Salt Flats racing.

We also stock new Wiseco Forged 4032 alloy High Performance Pistons (see my other ebay sale)

(Piston Sizes available are 70, 70.25, 70.5, 71, 71.5, 72, 72.5, 73, 73.5, 74, 74.5mm)

International Shipping available.  $89 cost all sizes

Cometic gaskets all


70.0, (new size 70.25), 70.5, 71, 71.5, 72, 72.5, 73, 73.5, 74, 74.5mm. (75mm on special order)

Replacement Keystone Rings retail price is approximately $28 per set.

Replacement 1mm Rings retail price is approximately $28 per set.

Quantity discounts apply and dealer accounts can be opened.

Sept 2022- Shipping is difficult for us and we are trying new shippers.  Always recommend insurance.

(Please do not ask us to change the value of the parts to lower the VAT tax as we can NOT do this per US law.)

Latest Design DAMPENER RINGS Saab Part #718754

Dampener Rings

Offering for sale upgraded late style Monty Carlo – (GT Upgrade)  larger diameter outer vibration dampener rings. This was one of the last upgrades Saab made to the two-stroke engine before the V4 came online.  These were designed to reduce front pulley vibration and help prolong the life of crankshaft main bearings.

Price $129.  (In stock)