We do the following in house;
  • 2 Stroke Engines Rebuilds & Crankshaft Rebuilding and parts
  • New “State of the Art” Modern DONNEY rods with needle bearing design and Polymer coating on the cages

    Small end we have added a Lube hole with our modern designed full length 29mm small end bearing with silver coated cages.

    The Black Polymer Coated Large end cages utilize today’s latest coating technology and provide superior protection and lubrication in the harsh two stroke enviroment. Combined with 18 precision needle bearings that are cable of RPMs exceeding 15,000 REVS!


    All DONNEY Rods kits are matched by weight to add in engine balance.  Kits come with your choice of Injected or mixer large end rod pins.


    My goal with these rod kits was to design them the way SAAB would if they were still making a two Stroke Engine Today! So we redesigned the original Saab rod and cage to eliminate the troublesome 12 roller aluminum cage that ALWAYS breaks in high RPM racing and/or from detonation & age. We patterned our new rod kits after today’s high performance snowmobile and WaterCraft engines to create a truly HIGH PERFORMANCE & DURABLE Rod Kit.

    Cost of Rods are $130 each (Include both Bearings and crank pin of your choice)