Vintage Saab

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IMG_1414 Racing Saabs


Rare & Unique
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The Oldest SAAB in America!
1950 Model 92, VIN #00218 (Former Larry “stroker” Williams car)
1956 Sonett model 94 Serial #2 This is our Sweet, Ultra Rare….1956 Saab Sonett Super Sport, Model 94, Serial #2.

One of only 6 ever made.  

Only 2 of them are in the USA.

It came from the GM/Saab Heritage Collection.

The Lowest Mileage Sonett II in the World
1967, VIN #00172, with 00470 actual miles.
The Lowest Mileage Sonett III in the World
1974, VIN #002233, with 00044 actual miles
 1968 Sonett v4 “Race Car” – Must see this one!


  • Vintage Saab Ice Racing in the early 70s
  • Saab 2stroke vs Motorcycle 2stroke with power exhaust valve

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