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We do the following in house;

  • V4 & 2 Stroke Transmission Rebuilding
    • Rebuilt Transmissions for V4 and Two Stroke

      Rebuilt Transmissions for V4 and Two Stroke

    New synchronizer rings for the 96, 95 and Sonett 4 speed transmissions. This one is for  2nd,  3rd & 4th gears, (1st gear has 3 teeth cut off) Note; these are the later design (appx 1961-new with 6 degree ring tapper).


    1st gear synchronizer ring has 3 teeth missing. (Also have 2nd, 3rd, & 4th gear rings)

    Cost of Synchronizer Rings are $25 each



    Slave Cylinder

    To get more information or to have some work done you may visit the contact page for more information

    ALSO For Miscellaneous Parts, looking around on ebay is a good place to find most anything any more.