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We do the following in house;

  • V4 & 2 Stroke Transmission Rebuilding
  • Rebuilt Transmissions for V4 and Two Stroke

    Rebuilt Transmissions for V4 and Two Stroke

New synchronizer rings for the 96, 95 and Sonett 4 speed transmissions. This one is for  2nd,  3rd & 4th gears, (1st gear has 3 teeth cut off) Note; these are the later design (appx 1961-new with 6 degree ring tapper).


1st gear synchronizer ring has 3 teeth missing. (Also have 2nd, 3rd, & 4th gear rings)

Cost of Synchronizer Rings are $25 each



Slave Cylinder


NEW Modern Upgraded Freewheel Rollers and Modern Springs to Update the 6 roller freewheel units.  Solves slipping freewheel issues! – $50.00 Kit

The old design Saab used was an antiqued spring design. Tom has matched a modern Automatic Transmission Spring to fit into the old 6 roller freewheel hub and added NEW Rollers Also.NEW Modern Upgraded Freewheel Rollers and Modern Springs to Update the 6 roller freewheel units. Solves slipping freewheel issues!

Save the freewheeling in your Vintage Saab! It’s one of the neatest features ever!

The kit includes 6 NEW rollers and 6 new designed tension springs

(We have New 10 rollers (V4 units) also, but at present do not offer it with upgraded springs)


Each seal sold seperately – $25.00

New Production Linkage Seals!!  These prevent water from running into your transmission!  The angle of the shifter shaft lets water run STRAIGHT into your Vintage Saab gear box (see pics).  

PLUS the Bullnose nose models the radiator is just above the shaft and it really can let water in!  

Fits all column shifted transmissions.  (Floor Shifted Cars the Shaft run at an angle “Down Hill” So this seal is NOT needed) 
Note: Some early Pre-1964 shifter covers are missing a groove to allow the seal to seat around the shaft.  These will still block 99% of the water coming in on your shaft for this early style even though it will not sell into the cover. 


To get more information or to have some work done you may visit the contact page for more information

ALSO For Miscellaneous Parts, looking around on ebay is a good place to find most anything any more.