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Jun 20th

Jerky Throttle Long Nose correction with “Foot On The Brake Pedal”

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Long Nose jerky throttle in first or second gear.
Any one have trouble with a jumpy gas pedal on the long nose two strokes??  I have fought this for years with certain cars.  I just put a video on YouTube with a technique that might help a few of you.  My user name is Donneysaab. Basically all I do is wedge my throttle foot’s insole into the brake pedal while keeping my heel on the floorboard.  This gives a great “solid pedal” feel like you get with a Bull nose (the pedal hooks to the floor for stability). I know some people also just mash the pedal to the floor sense there is no power to “get away” from you 🙂
But this is the best way I have found to combat this annoying jerky jerky…back and forth action the long nose’s are famous for.
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