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Now carrying…Saab Klubben Exhaust Systems for the two-stroke Saabs “Mighty Three”

This is a must for any single or old pipe system!

Will add HP and Torque to your old Saab right away.

Two Systems to Choose from

2″ SINGLE pipe system is an upgrade with a true expansion chamber built in priced @$685  (2″ should flow better than Two 1 1/2″ pipes).


Dual pipe OEM style replacement for GT or Monte Carlo dual pipe setups for the original performance and LOOK Saab designed  @ $785

These fit model 96’s ONLY   (95’s require a few inches add in the middle of the pipe for the longer chassis.  (the Sonett Stroker requires a completely different setup).

In Stock NOW!!! 

Two stroke ChamberTwo stroke pipes

2 Inch Outlet

2 Inch Outlet