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NOW IN STOCK (limited Quantities!)

100% of proceeds now benefit the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA

Sonett II & III Windshields (clear for II’s @ $680) and green (III) @$724)

99 Front Winshields (All year) $650

93 & early 95/96 Short Windshield $395

95/96 Tall Windshields (1968-up) $395


Saab front windshield and Saab rear window seals in stock.

(Does not include lock strip)  $139 each

Early style up to 1971 with VIN #96622145 (or #61601320 Finland cars) with Aluminum lock bead (with barb)

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Late Style after 1971 VIN # 96622146   (#61601321  Finland cars ) with Black later style lock bead (no barb) 


NEW Late Style after 1971 VIN #96622146 Lock Strips are now available. Price is available on request