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I sold Jay Leno a 1958 Saab 93b in 2005. He invited me out many times and I finally went out driving a 1961 Saab 96 in February of 2006. Jay treated me great as did all the crew at NBC and Big Dog Garage. He has always been kind to me and even gave my daughter a job in the tonight show for a summer while she finished her degree in Broadcast Journalism. She made it into skits 3 times and he gave her his personal cell to call if she every needed anything. She called him “Uncle Jay” and many believed it 🙂 One time he himself changed the oil in my wife’s car as he didn’t want any “18 year old grease monkey’s” messing her car. He is a class act and I owe him for being so good to my family. The only thing better than all Jay’s car is they way he and those around him treat guests…people like me…”no bodies”…. who can do nothing for them. When my wife Patti visited a few times she even got her oil changed by Jay himself on her 1997 Saab


Below is a video with Jay, Tom and Jerry talking about his 1958 Saab for the SOC09


And a video from Jay Leno’s Garage about the 1958 Saab 93


Jay Leno Trip 2006