1985 Saab 900 (Now at Tom Donney Motors)

/1985 Saab 900 (Now at Tom Donney Motors)
1985 Saab 900 (Now at Tom Donney Motors)2013-02-12T12:15:53-05:00

SPG Spec. Perf. Grp. 2.0 L 4 Cyl Turbocharged

The Saab 900 was a front-engined, front-wheel-drive compact car with a longitudinally-mounted, 45- degree slanted, L 4-cylinder engine, double wishbone front suspension and beam-axle rear suspension. In its heyday, the 900 was popular with drivers who
enjoyed its comfort, safety, practicality (especially hatchbacks), and highway driving manners. The year 1985 saw the introduction of the 16-valve DOHC B202 engine. With a turbocharger and intercooler, it could produce 175 hp in the Turbo 16 model (less for catalyst-equipped engines). The Turbo 16 Aero [designated SPG, Special Performance Group) in North American Markets] had a body kit allowing the car to reach 130 mph. It featured aero-dynamic side skirts, 3-spoke alloy wheels, high-speed tires, anti-sway bars front and rear, and leather upholstery. Additionally, a different grille and 3- spoke steering wheel appeared across all models A new Saab-Scania corporate symbol – featuring a crowned griffin encircled by elliptical rings – appeared on bonnet bootlid and steering wheel boss.

*Information was provided by SAAB USA from a past press release*