1960 Saab 93 (Now at Tom Donney Motors)

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2 Door Sedan GT750 Front Dr. 3 Cyl Twin Carb

The GT750 Super was more sports car than family car. Its comfortable front seats could be adjusted to any one of fourteen positions, but its rear seat was hard and cramped. The GT750 Super was relatively powerless at low speed, but came to life at 3,400rpms, with best response around 5,000 rpms. Unfortunately, achieving power was not always easy with just three speeds to play with. Capable of up to
32 mpg. SPECIFICATIONS: 2-door body with front hinged doors, single windscreen, larger rear window, larger luggage space with opening rear lid, option for textile roof, four seats, 1,786 lbs, including mudguards on rear wheels. Chassis: Unitary, independent front & rear suspension, coil and wishbones, anti-roll bar, shock absorbers, hydraulic drum brakes, single circuit braking, rack and pinion steering and a 36.4 liter tank with tires of 5.20 x 15 with 4″rim. Engine: Transverse three-cylinder, 786cc 45hp with aluminum cylinder head and cast iron block. Transmission: Front-Wheel Drive, 3 Geared on the column manual shifter with Saxomat clutch.

At the New York Automobile Show of April 1958, Saab exhibited a car that they called the Gran Turismo 750 – a sporty and luxurious model that was pitched specifically at the growing US market. The GT750 had a 3-cylinder, 2-stroke engine featuring twin carburetors and had been tuned to develop 50hp. An optional engine tuning kit made it possible to convert the car to a GT750 Super with an engine output of 55hp. Externally, the GT750 sported double extra front lamps; double tail lamps, large chrome plated hubcaps, external rear view mirrors and Gran Tourisimo (GT750) emblems all-around.

*The above information was provided by SAAB USA from a past press release*


Below are pictures taken at SOC12 in Iowa City by Britteny Lynn Donney

with  “Expressive Impression”

This car use to be owned by Bruce and Deb Welch of Vermont.  Bruce has been around old Saabs his whole life and found this car and restored it to “Perfect” production specs.  Bruce knows more about old Saab than anyone I have ever met and this car truely reflects Bruce’s perfection of vintage Saabs!  

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