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Jun 20th

Emulsion Jets Tightness

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Emulsion jets tightness.
Anytime you get a new stroker or have the air cleaner off it is a great idea to check the tightness of the emulsion jet/s there in the center of the Venturi.  These come out a lot and they destroy piston skirts by falling into the carbs and being swallowed whole!!  Not good.
 But EASY DOES IT!!  Too tight is just as bad as you will snap the tube the jet screws into.  See picture.
Just be sure it is “snug”.   Be real careful on the old GT style carbs (individual throttle adjustments) with only 2 emulsions holes in them.   They snap off or crack looking at them!  (And you can not replace them with the later 4 hole tubes as they allow too much fuel to pass through)
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